Activity Overview

Insulin therapy is the most vital and efficacious treatment for diabetes, yet it remains the most complex. Current issues in insulin therapy for type 2 diabetes (T2DM) include setting appropriate individual glycemic targets, using currently available insulins more effectively and safely, and using insulin in combination with incretin therapies. New treatment guidelines have been published regarding the management of patients with gestational diabetes, pediatric T2DM patients, and T2DM patients with renal disease, all of which have implications for insulin therapy. Additionally, the future of insulin therapy may include new insulin formulations that will offer further opportunities to individualize therapy and ameliorate current challenges.

This activity will discuss recent findings pertaining to both the present and future of insulin therapy. Participants will obtain practical, personalized clinical guidance to help them customize insulin regimens according to anticipated benefits and risks in individual patients while also learning about emerging advances in insulin therapy that may impact future treatment decisions.

Participants are encouraged to submit questions directly to program faculty; responses to all submitted questions will be posted and available for participants to review.


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